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1987年,梁師傅移民多倫多,2006年,名門金宴成立之初擔任主廚至今。2013年,他曾經代表加拿大參加廣州舉行的世界(粵菜)廚皇精英邀請賽,獲得中式烹調組特金獎,2014年梁明榮獲全球十大中華廚皇之星的榮譽。梁明非常注重培養年輕人,手把手將中華傳統廚技毫無保留傳承給下一代,他的徒弟Yipei Huang在業界嶄露頭角。

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Shun Tak Chef Leung Ming specializes in traditional Cantonese cuisine, he joined the industry as an apprentice at the age of 13 in Hong Kong and had acquired a solid foundation in Chinese cooking skills With more than 20 years of experience in Hong Kong, Chef Leung had accumulated a wealth of rich culinary experience and has a deep understanding of the essence of traditional Cantonese fine dining.

Traditional Cantonese cuisine places special emphasis on using fresh seasonal ingredients and paying attention to maintain the original taste of the food after cooking. Chef Leung had won various local and
international awards and had worked in various Hong Kong’s high-end restaurants, notably Fook Lam Moon and Palace Hong Kong Restaurant.

Chef Leung is especially good in combining ingredients, flavours and traditional Chinese cooking techniques to carefully concoct sumptuous abalone, sea cucumber, shark fins, fish, poultry and meat
dishes. Chef Leung is well-known and respected in the culinary industry in Hong Kong.

In 1987, Chef Leung immigrated to Toronto, and in 2006, he assumed the mantle of Executive Chef of the Casa Imperial Catering Group. In 2013, Chef Leung represented Canada in the World (Chinese) Chef
Elite Invitational Competition held in Guangzhou, and won the special gold award in the Cantonese cooking group. In 2014, Chef Leung was awarded the honor of the top ten Chinese Chef in the world
Chef Leung attaches great importance to cultivating young chefs, and he readily passes on traditional Chinese cooking skills to the next generation without reservation. His apprentice Yipei Huang has
emerged as an upcoming star in the Chinese culinary industry in Toronto.

Chef Leung is also a contemporary colleague of Executive Chef Chan Yan Tak of Lung King Heen, Hong Kong, the first 3-Star Michelin Chinese restaurant in the world.

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